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Contact number: 012-509 7776

Early Childhood Education Center

A Waldorf Education

A wonderful environment where the children can learn and grow.

Our warm and nurturing environment provides a rich and wholesome opportunity for children to play and learn, both indoors and outdoors.

Waldorf kindergartens cultivate the boundless imagination of young learners, fostering creativity and a lifelong love for exploration and discovery.



Join us on our open day:

Discover the Waldorf difference at our upcoming open day event. Experience our classrooms, meet our dedicated teachers, and learn how Waldorf education can benefit your child.

Cherishing Childhood

A nurturing, creative environment in which children experience a sense of belonging as they discover, interact, learn and grow.

Healthy Foundations for Learning

In Waldorf early childhood education, literacy and numeracy are introduced in an unhurried way in the context of guided play and practical tasks which children undertake during the course of their daily activities.

Healthy Living

Organically produced and spray-free materials and ingredients are used in our meals. The physical environment is carefully and aesthetically prepared including natural hand-crafted play toys.


Fostering imagination through guided and self-directed play, indoors and in the garden. Sowing the seeds for a life-long love of exploration, learning and discovery.


Children learn and benefit socially from being with companions of different ages. In our mixed-age program, older children relish guiding younger classmates, who themselves look forward to one day teaching newcomers to the class what they have learned. This fosters a sense of community and collaboration.

The children in our early childhood classes bake bread, paint, draw, garden, cut vegetables, make soup, and importantly, become stewards of their classrooms where they care and support one another.

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Open Day (ECE)

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21 Oct 2023, 9am to 11.30am
Contact number: 012-739 6538
40G Jalan Hijau 5/4, Pinggiran Lembah Hijau Bandar Tasik Puteri, 48020 Rawang
Open Day (School)

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28 Oct 2023 9am to 11am
Contact number: 012-509 7776
No.1, Jalan 4/24, Garden Heights, Bandar Tasik Puteri, 48020 Rawang.
Open Day (ECE)